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Lost Society: Braindead

Finnish thrashers break away from the herd

Lost Society’s third album has stepped so far away from the full-throttle Municipal Waste-style thrash of yore that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to a different band.

The four-piece kick off Braindead with I Am The Antidote and its chugging, mid-paced riffs, Avenged Sevenfold-esque twin guitar parts and new screamo vocal style from frontman Samy Elbanna signal a new opening of horizons from the Finns. They continue to impress throughout the hammering hardcore punch and groove of Riot and the twists and turns in the eight-plus minutes of Only (My) Death Is Certain.

Even as thrash screamers such as Rage Me Up and Hangover Activator go off like a rocket, the all-out attack is tempered with more measured parts, and as such there never feels like there’s a stale moment.

Of course this newfound range could be enough to push away some of the band’s more puritanical fans, but for the everyone else, Braindead lays out a tantalising stall for the future of Lost Society.