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Loopyworld: The Iron Maiden Years by Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse review

Warts-’n’-all diaries of a Maiden roadie

Cover art for Loopyworld: The Iron Maiden Years by Steve ‘Loopy’ Newhouse

Loopyworld is the story of Iron Maiden’s earliest years through the eyes of a crew member from 1978 to 1984 – notwithstanding a couple of sackings.

The best friend of Paul Taylor, the singer who eventually changed his surname to Di’Anno “due to an Italian background”, the author rarely toes the party line, quipping;“this was news to me, though Paul ma y have enjoye d a pizza once or twice. ”

As the band’ s authority figure, manager Rod Smallwood is branded “an arrogant piece of shit” with an “irritating Northern accent”, building towards use of the word “hate”. Newhouse also alleges that Maiden “used” guitarist Dennis Stratton “for his experience and knowledge, and then fired [him]”.

This is strong, opinionated stuff and it would be easy to brand Newhouse as bitter, but for all of the controversial tone of his reminiscences they are voiced with affection and pride.