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Long-running Christian alt.rockers Skillet give the fans what they want with Dominion

Skillet continue to preach to the converted on relentlessly uplifting 11th album Dominion

Skillet: Dominion cover art
(Image: © Atlantic)

When you hit on a winning formula, why mess with it? And judging by the incredible audio-streaming stats generated by Skillet songs, that’s where their audience is, and they definitely like it loud and really over-produced, even more so than 2016’s Unleashed and 2019’s Victorious

Across Dominion’s 12 tracks there isn’t a riff, drum beat or vocal that hasn’t been taken apart and rebuilt; and the call-and-response thing between John Cooper’s lead vocals and Jen Ledger’s backing vocals is almost ubiquitous. 

In fact, Dominion is possibly the most pop thing they’ve done to date. Relentlessly uplifting and melodramatic throughout, the title track is a manic banger, as are Ignite, Destroyer, Beyond Incredible, Destiny and Shout Your Freedom; even a slow ballad like Forever Or The End gets in your face. 

With Dominion, Skillet really are preaching to the converted. Ker-ching!