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Lonely The Brave: The Day’s War

Cambridge crew unveil their debut album.

The year 2001 only seems like yesterday, but in rock scene terms, entire civilisations have risen, ruled and fallen during the lifespan of the current century. But the debut album from Cambridge’s Lonely The Brave would have slotted into the more melodic side of the British post-hardcore and harder-edged indie scenes of the time like a natural.

The Day’s War is full to the brim with dramatic, radio-friendly anthems. Backroads and Black Saucers take their cue from Biffy Clyro at their most accessible, while frontman David Jakes’s emotion-drenched vocals have just the right level of grit to keep things interesting, even as the band blow up their chiming, riff-driven choruses to their limits.

On this evidence, the minute the mainstream pendulum swings back towards rock, Lonely The Brave will be ready to take their reward.