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Lo! - Vestigial album review

Australian riff-wielders take aim at our insane modern age

Cover art for Lo! - Vestigial album

Peppered with post-metal, sludge and hardcore influences and featuring lyrics littered with references to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un-like figures, Sydney-based, genre-straddling riff wielders Lo! Have really raised their game on their third full length, Vestigial. Described by the band themselves as “anthems for a maddening world,” journeyman drummer Adrian Griffin’s return to his homeland has enabled the four-piece to spend more time on material, delivering some of their finest recorded moments yet, not least A Tiger Moth’s Shadow and As Fools Ripen. At times explosive (Butcher Birds) and also more expansive in terms of textures and dynamics (The Worm’s Lament), Vestigial is full of confidence, head-cracking riffs and crazy time changes. Adrian especially impresses and his performance on the labyrinthine Glutton could rival Converge/Mutoid Man tub-thumper Ben Koller for power and dexterity.