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Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon album review

Dirty-blues duo clean up their act on third album

Cover art for Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon album

If you form a duo with a male singer/guitarist and female drummer, there must be a temptation to run a sweepstake on exactly how long it’ll take before you’re compared to the White Stripes. For Little Hurricane, it seemed like a matter of minutes, which could explain why they’ve mercilessly sanded down their blues edges here. Instrumental March Of The softwareuiphraseguid=“3860273e-a5f8-49dc-a77b-b62ca2fd87d6”>SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“3860273e-a5f8-49dc-a77b-b62ca2fd87d6” id=“dac61524-c31c-4a76-8fc1-a99090fdffaa”>Living aside, they’ve gone for smooth and radio-friendly, fishing in the pond of Kings Of Leon’s indie seduction routine, although it works better on the sultry, XX-chasing duet OTL.

But in aiming for classy, they often hit cheesy and have rubbed away any personality. You can’t knock their ambitions, but whether this has the spark to ignite them remains to be seen.