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Lil’ Ed And The Blues Imperials: Jump Start

Chicago Blues over two decades in the making.

So small they’ve even abbreviated the ‘Little’ in his name, the diminutive Lil’ Ed Williams and his band have been making music out of America’s Midwest since the mid-80s. As musical trends have come and gone, they’ve stuck steadfastly to playing the kind of Chicago blues that can rattle hard or sing the saddest song.

Lil’ Ed’s guitar playing is impeccable, while his band can swing or groove to order. But it’s his rich baritone that pulls you in.

Whether it’s the striding funk of If You Were Mine, the charged Kick Me To The Curb or the yearning, eternal blues paean to the one that got away, You Burnt Me, he bends each song to his indomitable will.