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Light Bulb Alley - Bright Side Of The Dumpster album review

The best Sleaze you can get this month

Cover art for Light Bulb Alley - Bright Side Of The Dumpster album

We have a satanic temple in town and they hand out tampons to homeless women. They call it the Menstruatin’ For Satan campaign. That’s got nothing to do with Light Bulb Alley, who are from Montreal and worship, like, Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones, not the devil, but it’s emblematic of the woozy times we live in, where the goddamn Satanists are the good guys.

In uncertain days like these, you gotta cling to the tried-and-true. And if you like Johnny Thunders and Eddie Cochran and the Dead Boys and the Grease soundtrack, and you’re a little worried that we’re all gonna die and you’ll never hear any of it again, well, we might, but Light Bulb Alley are heroically unconcerned. They sound like they can solve all your problems at the sock hop. And maybe they will. I mean, they have a song called I Lost My Girlfriend Found My Guitar. Is that not fucking charming or what?