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Leopold & His Fiction - Darling Destroyer album review

Kick out the jams, the next generation

Cover Art for Leopold and His Fiction - Darling Destroyer

Although now living in San Francisco, Daniel James (aka Leopold) is Detroit born and bred, an essential grounding that rears like an over-active electric pylon at a summer picnic in the roughhouse garage-blues and transcendental soul of his high-impact fourth album.

Beginning 10 years ago as a duo (which, along with James’s throat-abusing yelp, conjures inevitable comparisons with homeboy Jack White), Leopold frequently reach a rare zenith in their procession of tortured soul, sweet reflection and block-rocking hoodoo drama, particularly on the testifying catharsis of I’m Caving In. As finalé, Bob Dylan’s If You Gotta Go, Go Now serves as well-deserved release.

Glazed in Detroit energy and exposed nerve ends, there’s a highly original talent refusing to be tamed here.