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Left Lane Cruiser: Junkyard Speed Ball

High on clatter, low on classics.

Us Brits love a bit of dungaree-clad, trucker-capped, redneck authenticity. But while Left Lane Cruiser will probably charm the music press, the Indiana blues-rock duo sound short on ideas.

This is the band’s fourth album, which seems quite a feat of milking, given that by the midpoint of Junkyard Speed Ball you’ll be checking it’s not just repeating Track 1.

Momentarily, they fool you with an admittedly killer sound, as highlights like Lost My Mind clatter by with catarrh vocals, wasp-in-a-box guitars and a relentless percussive thud like a roadhouse barfly panelling the head of a lost tourist, but the limitations of the two-man format are quickly revealed and three-chord slide-blues racket abounds.

“We sound incredible to drunk people,” Evans said recently. That’s probably true. But we’re sober and they’re boring.