LaFaro: Easy Meat

Post-hardcore gets jolted back to life.

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All the best bands in the post- hardcore canon sounded utterly, gloriously deranged. The Jesus Lizard, Nation Of Ulysses, At The Drive-In – they all seethed with wild-eyed danger, unpredictable freak-outs and raw punk rock that made them the kings of their era.

This decade is lucky enough to have Northern Ireland’s LaFaro, snarling thrillingly along in a tornado of a record that lays waste to anything in its path.

Punctuated with howling feedback and giggling fits, they put their foot down and speed through the achingly cool surf drums and chaotic blow-out of the title track, hammering us with frantic, adrenaline-fuelled metal riffs in Have A Word With Yourself, each track tearing at your face like a trapped wildcat.

Every second sends jolts of electricity jumping through your veins. It’s seedy, it’s exciting, it’s sexy. Easy Meat is everything rock’n’roll should be.