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King Creature - Volume One album review

Old-school metal debut

Cover art for King Creature - Volume One album

You can almost hear King Creature’s veins bulging as opener Lowlife fires up, all white-knuckled malice and fury. It’s a punishing kick off that immediately conjures up the ghost of Alice in Chains with Layne Staley at the mic. Those haunting vocals liberally pepper most of the album, and with the best bits of Soundgarden, Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society added to the mix, it makes for a heady, heavy and melodious brew.

The Sabbathy battering of Power, The Pusher and closer Wrath showcase a band capable of unfettered brutality, while the eerie spaciness of Can’t Be Saved and mellow pace of Can You Forgive Me? provide welcome respite from the testosterone-driven mayhem.

Impressive groove-laden metal that augers well for the future.