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Kadaver: Berlin

Berlin’s beardy retro-rockers get the urge to surge

You’d be a fool to yourself if you thought Kadavar’s appeal wasn’t down in large part to their eye-popping, boutique Neanderthal look.

But the other reason people flock to their shows is a self-contained, feelgood factor that’s more immediately embraceable than their more nostalgia-stricken Swedish 70s-styled counter-parts.

As the retro-futurist cover for Berlin – a paean to the dynamism of their home town – suggests, Kadavar are taking a step back in time as a surer footing for looking forward, the swaggering garage rock of opener Lord Of The Sky a surefire dandruff-loosener and a call for liberation the hirsute trio pursue throughout.

From the radiant, blues-bolstered stomp’n’squelch of Last Living Dinosaur, interjected with radiant skrees, through swirly psych, proto-metal and NY-style punk, Kadavar’s exuberant, throbbing groove and over-spilling leads treat their sources like a vivid, endlessly hospitable playground.