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John Wesley: The Lilypad Suite

Tasty fruit from the Porcupine Tree.

With a CV that’s weighted towards his work with Fish, Marillion and Porcupine Tree, it’s easy to pigeonhole guitarist John Wesley. That this album is about “the struggle of a young girl to come to terms with the absence of her father” doesn’t exactly set the pulse racing in anticipation, either.

However, The Lilypad Suite is surprisingly engaging, not least because Wesley’s CV doesn’t even hint at his versatile playing, and his ability to build walls of varied guitar sounds that can be soothing or spine-chilling depending on the mood.

He hasn’t got his head stuck up his own effects pedal, either; all his guitar sounds are carefully tailored to the needs of the song. And can sing, having a low, rhythmic style that keeps you listening and keeps the songs flowing.

In fact there’s scarcely time to get introspective, let alone depressed.