John Lawton & Diana Express: The Power Of Mind

Not the most bonkers thing you’ll ever hear, but not far off.

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While in Bulgaria making the TV travel documentary John Lawton Presents... former Uriah Heep singer (1977-79) John Lawton crossed paths with Diana Express, a Bulgarian rock band formed in 1974. Somehow this led to them recording together, alongside the Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra, this concept album “exploring the power of positive thinking”.

Trying hard to think positive isn’t easy once you start listening. Think Andrew Lloyd Webber. And think again. Discovering that the project was conceived, written and produced by Dr Milen Vrabevski leads one to wonder how the medical world and prog rock interact. And learning that Dr Vrabevski is a director of a pharmaceutical company sends the imagination down an avenue best not explored in case lawyers are reading.

On the plus side: the musicianship and Lawton’s voice – still in prime condition. On the minus: everything else above.