John J Presley: White Ink

Dark, feedback-heavy debut from UK genre-twister.

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After last year’s two devilishly blues-charred singles, John J Presley is back with his debut EP, and it’ll no doubt push his stark, frenzied assault even more squarely into the spotlight.

The five tracks featured here were laid down in a purported eight-hour live-to-tape binge at Toe Rag Studios with head honcho Liam Watson (The Kills, Billy Childish, The White Stripes) and they’re positively dripping with hum-smacking analogue warmth.

Top-ended by Presley’s gravel-covered vocal, Come To Me dips and swells like a more Seattle-savvy Grinderman while Rise To My Confession sucks in a Son House riff and scuzzes it all the way to Hades. The hypnotic Ill At Ease kicks off with a droning harmonium motif before buzzing riffs and shimmering vats of feedback shoot it off the scale. A sonic tonic for anyone who digs the darker, dirtier side of the blues.