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John Foxx And The Maths: Interplay

He’s got your number.

Founder member and frontman for Brit new wave behemoths Ultravox! until 1979, John Foxx can count a 25-plus strong discography of forays into the electronic realm in the intervening years.

Little surprise then, that Interplay – a collaboration between Foxx and digital experimentalist Benge – is a beguiling exercise in vivid synth-pop discipline.

Those with a soft spot for the neon flicker sonics of Gary Numan, Cabaret Voltaire (or even Daft Punk’s recent Tron Legacy Moroder tribute-fest) will find their thirst for perfectly structured 80s-inflected dancefloor hits more than met by the swirling electro-groove of Shatterproof or the metronomic pulse of The Running Man.

Fellow effects unit fiend Mira Aroya from Ladytron lends support on the icily seductive Watching A Building On Fire, but it’s the squalling futurescape of Destination that points a tractor beam to your heart in the name of intoxicating robo-pop bliss.