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Iron Maiden: En Vivo!

“Scream for me, Chile!” etc.

Just a few months after Rush delivered their ninth live album, here’s Iron Maiden’s tenth. And as is now customary, a DVD is also available.

En Vivo! (Spanish for ‘live’) was recorded on April 10, 2011 in the Chilean capital of Santiago. The 50,000-strong audience is, as expected, very loud and excitable. And the band’s performance is, as usual, quite brilliant.

Across two hours, Maiden play no fewer than six tracks from 2010 studio album The Final Frontier: an emphatic statement from a veteran band that refuses to simply live off its past. But the show’s climax is pure nostalgia, featuring 80s classics The Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Running Free.

Maiden’s first live album, the epochal Live After Death, could never be topped. But En Vivo! is a very good live album. And it surely won’t be the band’s last.