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Invincible Force: Satan Rebellion Metal

Chilean thrash that does what it says on the tin

With a band name taken from a song by German legends Destruction, this debut album sounds pretty much as you might expect. Heavily inspired by German 80s thrash (you can add Sodom to the list of influences), Invincible Force play Satanic-sounding thrash with a heavy dose of (proto) death and black metal thrown into the mix.

It’s the sort of slightly modernised and straight-to-the-point assault that made bands such as Bestial Mockery so enjoyable; upbeat and aggressive, it proves exceptionally hard to listen to this without moving at least some part of your body, the surprisingly catchy numbers connecting at a primal level if not a cerebral one.

Though certainly not overly technical, the group eschew the sort of cavernous productions and primitive regression increasingly evident among younger bands in recent times, meaning that this will appeal as much to bona fide thrashers as to more extreme metal fans.

The only question is to what degree an album like this can stand out three decades after the fact, making the end results enjoyable but hardly essential./o:p