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Invidia - As the Sun Sleeps album review

Testosterone-drenched metal showcase

Cover art for Invidia - As the Sun Sleeps album

As a snapshot example of modern US metal, Invidia’s debut is pretty much on the money. Sounding positively colossal and swinging a tattooed pair the size of wrecking balls, this effort is atepicallyonce heavy yet cunningly crafted to be as accessible as possible.

Featuring current and former personnel from Skinlab, In This Moment and Five Finger Death Punch, and billed as a new supergroup, unsurprisingly, this sounds like musicians who know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s all about resoundingly defiant and uplifting lyrics, crushing riffs and anthemically memorable choruses: single Feed The Fire leads the pack on this front, but it’s a solid formula repeated with varying degrees of success across Now Or Never, Step Up, Marching Dead and Till Death. A bit like a bro’ metal self-help manual for taking on the world, and then some.