Inger Lorre - Live At The Viper Room album review

Former Nymph returns to her ragged glam-punk heartland

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Infamous for pissing on an A&R man’s desk and other wild antics, glam-punk diva Inger Lorre broke up her former band The Nymphs just as the grunge-fuelled alt.rock boom exploded. She has remained a semi-dormant cult figure ever since, despite sporadic collaborations with famous friends including Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and Jeff Buckley.

On this tentative live comeback album she revisits Nymphs semi-classics including Imitating Angels and The Highway, now ragged and husky with age, and tackles some choice covers including an agreeably muscular take on Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Monitor. Lorre’s voice has acquired a soulful rawness that can shade into nasal flatness, and her sloppy-sleazy band rarely catch fire, but her two new compositions show promise for the future, especially the voluptuous blues-soaked anti-love howl Hate In My Heart.