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Imperial State Electric: Imperial State Electric

What a State to be in.

What is it with these self-anointed Scandinavian rock gods? You

Back in the early 90s Nicke Andersson was the drummer in Swedish death metal band Entombed. Then in 1994 he formed garage rock band the Hellacopters. They broke up a couple of years ago and now he’s back yet again with Imperial State Electric, a power pop band.

The album starts out in a bubbly 80s mode but after four tracks it goes back to the 60s and The Beatles circa A Hard Day’s Night. Thereafter it switches back and forth at will.

Imperial State Electric may well be a band. In fact they’re playing gigs – including a support slot with Axl’s Guns N’ Roses tribute band – so who knows where that may lead? But it should be noted that Andersson plays most of the instruments on most of the tracks. And the only photo is of him, looking like a power-pop version of Lemmy. It figures.