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Iggy & The Stooges: One Night At The Whisky, 1970 by Ed Caraeff review

Stripped on the Strip

Cover art for Iggy & The Stooges: One Night At The Whisky, 1970 by Ed Caraeff

What we have here are essentially a couple of hundred pages of photos of Iggy with his shirt off. Colour me unsurprised. Iggy’s never been a massive fan of shirts and, as a consequence, there are significant numbers of shirt-unencumbered photos available to fans of his particular take on how a rock should be rolled out there already. So why should you clutter up your life with more?

Well, these were taken when he was with The Stooges, by the guy who shot Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey and who took the inner gatefold photo of Funhouse – the one on the carpet. You only get to see the contact sheet of that particular session, but you get a whole lot of Iggy at The Whisky: making faces, wearing gloves, laying on the floor, not laying on the floor. Bare-chested. There’s not much Caraeff reminiscence, though a couple of worthy folks do pop up to tell you how great The Stooges were from time to time. But basically it’s 200 pages of Iggy with his shirt off.

Ian Fortnam

Commissioning both album reviews and live reviews, Classic Rock reviews editor Ian has been fearlessly filtering the rock from the cock since 2003.