Hot Coffin: Hot Coffin

Ramshackle Wisconsinites distil the source of post-hardcore

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Post-hardcore has mutated greatly over the years, its sound diluted after the mid-00s mainstream boom period.

So how refreshing it is to hear a band that takes the sound of true hardcore punk rock as its base component. Listening to Hot Coffin’s second album, it’s obvious the Milwaukee quartet aren’t solely intent on writing pop hooks and soaring choruses when they can coax rumbling and ramshackle noise out of their weathered and worn instruments much more comfortably.

These eight tracks career at a pace that would satisfy fans of Fucked Up or The Bronx, and possess a raw-throated vocal delivery reminiscent of Liam Cormier. There’s enough in the way of songcraft to recall Gainesville punk luminaries Against Me! and Hot Water Music. Tracks like opener Whistle, Hawk and Spit and The Bait are good enough to sit in that kind of company too.

Overall, there isn’t quite enough here to worry the very best of this genre, but if Hot Coffin continue in this trajectory, one day there could be.