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Honey: Weekend Millionaire

Hive and dangerous.

Their hell-for-leather version of the Gun Club’s Thunderhead was a highlight of last year’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce Project compilation Axels & Sockets. Now Cornish power trio Honey release a debut album that thankfully captures their refreshingly untamed raw rock essence and ferocious, punk-driven energy.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Sarah Marie Tyrell, bassist-singer Ele Lucas and Magma-fixated super-drummer Sammy Downing power through heat-seeking missives such as Deviant, Feral and Celestial Burial, frequently sounding like an unholy collision between Hole and Motörhead, elevated by the girls’ bewitching harmonies.

Meanwhile, Coffin Womb displays a more sensitive side and Black Teeth crashingly invokes early Alice-style psychodrama. Having laid waste to South-West niteries for several years, global success should be inevitable if there’s any justice in the world./o:p