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Hombre Malo: Persistent Murmur Of Words Of Wrath

A rabid addition to the ranks of Nordic scuzzmeisters

On the eighth day, Satan made the riff and saw that it was good. And in 2014 some Norse sludgemeisters have taken Satan’s work and made a right ruddy racket with it.

Leaning heavily toward the ilk of Kvelertak and Black Tusk, Hombre Malo’s fuzzed-up, groove-riddled sophomore release packs a harder punch than Tyson after he steps on a plug. The message throughout the album is clear – fuck prejudice. Using soundbites from news reports and George Carlin’s rant on religion, the snarling Scandinavians are about much more than making a lot of noise (although they’re very good at that, too).

The gravel-gargling vocals of Nacho ‘The Muerto’ Rengifo intertwine with the pounding onslaught of full-blast riffery with such fury your ears will weep. But don’t go thinking they just thrash it out faster than a rabbit at an orgy, the majority of the tracks are over five minutes and build to immersive, ferocious crescendos with gracious nods to the worlds of black and post-metal. It’s greater than the sum of its parts, but its parts are also fucking great.