Holy Mountain: Ancient Astronauts

Psych rockers make their transformation complete

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Is this stoner trio from Hibernia named after Alejandro Jodorowksy’s acid-fried 1973 masterwork featuring the conquest of Mexico acted out by frogs and iguanas in period costume? CHECK! Is their album named after Erich Von Däniken’s Chariots Of The Gods book claiming we’re all descended from spacemen? CHECK!

Is there a seven-minute-long song called Hollow Hill based on an Arthurian Legend that sounds like a cross between Blue Cheer and Iron Monkey? CHECK! It’s a full house in psych metal bingo!

This is an immensely enjoyable debut full-length LP by hirsute Glaswegians who are making good on initial promise shown on 2012’s mini-album, Earth Measures. Excellent single Luftwizard tempers the vintage Deep Zepbath formula with assured Titan-esque slab-heavy prog moves and Kyuss-warm analogue production.

If you’re uptight and worry about that sort of thing – a few years back one of these guys was wearing a twee jumper and playing indie pop – more fool you, because this is great.