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High Priests - Spinning album review

Chicago’s scabrous riff-wielders embark on a wild ride

Cover art for High Priests - Spinning album

It’s fair to say that Chicago’s High Priests are unashamedly in the thrall of chug lord John Reis, specifically his on again/ off again venomous project, Hot Snakes. However, while this debut album does purloin a few pages from the man sometimes known as Speedo’s songbook – especially on 10 Years – it manages to retain a feeling of freshness thanks to the explosive energy of their performances and it’s a feast for the ears for those who love off-kilter rhythms, head-cracking riffs and crunchy post-punk. Powerhouse drummer Mustafa Daka is a revelation throughout the 11 tracks and the former member of The Brokedowns calls to mind Dave Grohl in his prime during the likes of Control and Night Train. Ugly, arresting and uncompromising, High Priests’ sonic sermons should earn them plenty of new converts over the next 12 months.