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Hey! Hello! - Hey! Hello! Too! album review

Round two for Ginger’s pop alter ego

Hey! Hello! Hey! Hello! Too! album cover

They may have the same approach to singers that Spinal Tap had to drummers, but this latest, multi-fronted incarnation of Ginger Wildheart’s pop side project is a glorious riot of colour and noise. The Wildhearts never shied away from their bubblegum roots, but Hey! Hello! embrace their slick, glam roots with the same zeal as a chubby kid going after candy floss.

The album is so good that you forget they’re switching between singers as it goes through the gears. Especially good is the female vocal on the ringing This Ain’t Love, but the songs are so excellent whoever’s got hold of the mic (Glass Of Champagne, Loud And Fucking Clear) that you can even forgive them for lifting the opening to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl for Can’t Stand You (Hurting Me).