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Hesitation Wounds – Awake For Everything album review

Post-hardcore/metal all-stars lay down a caustic challenge

Hesitation Wounds

It was 2012 when Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré), Jay Weinberg (Slipknot), Neeraj Kane (Hope Conspiracy) and Stephen ‘Scuba’ LaCour (ex-Trap Them) fused their talents.

This is their first full-length release and leverages each member’s influences to form a raw but curiously cohesive whole. Teeth is a good example of the heavy, messy post-hardcore they favour.

Guthrie opens at full speed, closes with powerful, drawn-out vocals, and features an aggressive almost- chorus in between. Ends (Pt. 2) and Away feature compelling drum work as they take on a sombre tone but, unfortunately, the emotional vocals get drowned out. For the most part, though, Jeremy’s vocals are impressive, swinging from moody to fiercely raucous. This takes a pleasing few listens to fully appreciate; while it’s a touch self-indulgent, it’s angry, honest, and free of reservation or rules.