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Harvester: The Blind Summit Recordings

Agile Irish crew tap into fuzz-rock’s heyday

With not a salad cart in sight, Harvester, from Galway, are ploughing the fields of proggy stoner to full effect with an album that imbibes the fuzzed-up melodies of Dozer and Baroness with a hint of Opeth.

There are soundalikes aplenty here, from the tumble of High On Fire to the gutsy instrumental plod of Karma To Burn (as in the doomy Aberration), making for a well-versed release that keeps you on your toes. The Thin Lizzy-esque guitars in Old Blood add various shades to the tried and tested psych/stoner repertoire, while the laboured lyrics of Atom Splitter fire up cinders left by the overwrought instrumental passages, the likes of which appear in the unfurling closer All Roads Led Away.

While the foot-tapping fuzz-amp groove is hardly reinventing the wheel, Gavin Grealy’s earthy vocals and the perpetual stomp of well-crafted, verging-on-progressive, 70s-soaked tuneage is enough to make Harvester worthy of a few spins. And quite frankly, how can you not love a band that formed through a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Guinness?