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Hanoi Rocks - “All Those Wasted Years”... album review

The best of this month’s trio of Rocks reissues

Cover art for Hanoi Rocks - “All Those Wasted Years”...

By now the reflex response to another routine repackage of anything by Hanoi Rocks is “Again? Really?”’ Even to dyed-in-the-wool fans of the band, still harbouring fond memories of the band’s heyday (as captured to excellent effect on this most essential of all quintessential Hanoi artefacts), it’s hard not to wonder whether enough will ever be enough.

Yes, it’s their classic lineup presented to their best advantage. Yes, the band are captured operating at their preening, Stones-clone peak in their natural habitat of London’s Marquee club. But surely all who need to hear this have heard it, memorised it, bought it, sold it, upgraded it and are pretty much buggered if they’ll be buying it again. Sure, HR’s scant catalogue’s fab, but give it a rest, eh?

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