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H.e.a.t - Into The Great Unknown album review

The best Melodic Rock you can get this month

Cover art for H.e.a.t - Into The Great Unknown album

Having been galvanised seven years ago by the addition of former Swedish Idol winner Erik grönwall on vocals, H.e.a.t took huge creative and commercial strides with 2012’s Address The Nation and 2014’s Tearing Down The Walls, the latter transforming them into a bona fide headline act, even here in the Uk.

With ex-member Dave Dalone (now known as Sky Davis) returning to the lineup, in many ways Into The Great Unknown sees H.e.a.t picking up right where they left off. Opening track Bastard Of Society and the delightfully titled ditty Shit City remind us of their youthful irreverence.

And yet for all their welcome familiarity, these 10 songs also throw out some small tremors. The songwriting has undoubtedly matured, without sacrificing the effervescence that makes them so darnned exciting. Elsewhere producer Tobias Lindell throws in slick production tricks to enhance the music’s poppier side – a potentially dangerous move, but it works.

H.e.a.t. have just made the most complete album of their career. Watch their rise continue.