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GWAR - The Blood Of Gods album review

More gory metal

Cover art for GWAR - The Blood Of Gods album

The history of GWAR is littered with fake blood, death, jizz, menstrual blood, unspeakable gunk shot out of codpieces and bras, heroin overdoses (founder member Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungu, died in 2014), seaweed extract, outrageous costumes and the odd piece of public figure mutilation.

As such, this long-standing band were ahead of their time when they started out with the morbid comic debauchery of debut album softwareuiphraseguid=“ee370eb1-f168-4a2e-a949-6587176af0ed”>softwareuiphraseguid=“ee370eb1-f168-4a2e-a949-6587176af0ed”>Hell-O! (1988), predating Game Of Thrones, for one, by several decades.

Over the years, GWAR’s sound has become codified into a Cannibal Corpse/Sabbath-style thrash metal, mostly unlistenable but pleasingly dark and numbskull nonetheless.

The song titles may be a little lacking this time round (although The Sordid Soliloquy Of Sawborg Destructo makes up for it), but The Blood of Gods is more of the same monstrous bilge.