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Guru Freakout: Mothership

Cosmic jams with krautrock royalty.

Heidelberg’s Guru Guru might be one of the lesser-known names to emerge from Germany’s late 60s experimental psychedelic scene but, steered by drummer-singer Mani Neumeier, continue to this day, having released over 40 albums along the way.

Guru Freakout sees Mani joining cosmic forces in LA with Jurgen Engler of veteran Düsseldorf industrial titans Die Krupps. Joined by ST 37 bassist Scott Telles, they embark on two epic jams displaying a rare telepathy as Notre Dame (Mothership) runs to over half an hour of stratosphere-kissing, guitar-lashed improvised space-walking, driven with understated intuition by Neumeier’s ever-inventive drumming.

The Snows Of Mt. Bonnell (a mere 13 minutes) dives into deeper, trippier waters, swimming through early Can currents and out of its trunks as the musicians gain intensity, building to a crashing, no-holds-barred climax.

The CD also boasts two lengthy rehearsal blowouts and a live version of the marvellously-titled Elektrolurch-Mutation, perfectly complementing the set’s unashamed flying of krautrock’s original 60s freak flag with essential doses of fun and mischief./o:p