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Goldsboro: Goldsboro

Ones To Watch emerge with honours.

No relation to singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro, though they namecheck his 70s hairstylings, this LA power trio comprise guitarist Kevin Roentgen, drummer Chris Cano and bassist Johnny Bentjen, and together they make a helluva garage rock racket.

The Thin Lizzy-esque Great White Buffalo sets out their stall, grabbing enough cool influences to beat you into submission. Bottom is even better, proclaiming a toxic force that associates itself with the Sex Pistols but was nurtured by a love for Black Sabbath.

Goldsboro’s Anglophile love affair is seldom far away. The sonics suggest a group who want to bludgeon you into acceptance, although the smart lyrics of I Surrender and the urban nightmare of Angels indicate there’s more here than meets the ear.