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Gillian G Gaar - Boss: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band book review

Bruce’s tale again, with sumptuous pics

While the world waits with bated breath for Bruce’s autobiography to arrive in late September, this may not be the best time to put out another account of the man’s already well-documented life. But Springsteen is one of those elite few, which also includes Elvis, Dylan, The Beatles and the Stones, whose diehard fans will snarf up anything bearing their hero’s name, as long as the pictures are good and the facts well put.

Seattle writer Garr, whose previous tomes include works on Nirvana, Presley and The Doors, does a solid job telling Bruce’s story, from the New Jersey bars to the world’s stadiums, although she could have livened it up by amplifying intriguing areas, such as his friendship with the late Alan Vega (as usual, Suicide are mentioned in passing, despite giving Bruce his most mesmerising encore in Dream Baby Dream). Job done though, and thankfully, the pictures are fabulous throughout.

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