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Gavin Harrison: Cheating The Polygraph

Drummer covers Porcupine Tree tunes in big band style.

This could be a real indulgence, and, in fairness, is probably not destined to trouble the lives of a mass listenership - drummer Gavin Harrison covers some of his favourite songs by his group Porcupine Tree with a full, jazz- style ensemble, including sax, flutes and Dave Stewart on orchestral percussion.

This is an album that’s hard not to like, however, as clearly it’s being rendered with smiles on the faces of the players, cutting loose but keeping it tight in a way they rarely get a chance to.

It isn’t mere Glenn Miller-isms - there are hints of Frank Zappa, even Steve Reich on The Pills I’m Taking, while the arrangement of the title track is cinematic, lending corridors of colour to the original./o:p