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Galactic Empire - Galactic Empire album review

The shred-heavy Star Wars score you’ve been looking for

Cover art for Galactic Empire - Galactic Empire album

In the past few weeks a band of musicians, under the guise of Galactic Empire, have been touring the nation’s largest club venues wearing Star Wars outfits cloaked by pseudonyms such as Dark Vader, a video for their metalised remake of the movie’s Main Theme having gone viral last year. Composed by John Williams, a genius from classical territory, the soundtrack to the original Star Wars trilogy has long since entered the planet’s communal psyche and pieces such as The Imperial March, The Force Theme and Ben’s Death/Tie Fighter Attack undoubtedly lend themselves to a full-on battering-ram reboot here, complete with shredding guitars, choral backing vocals and pinpoint-precision bass and drums. The men behind the masks include Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland from Atrium Audio, a Pennsylvania studio notable for producing August Burns Red among others, plus members of the local progressive-deathheads Alustrium, and each does George Lucas proud. Sequels await, inevitably.