Fury UK: A Way Of Life

Brit metal bruisers bring the bombast.

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Stylistic sidesteps and fashionable sub- genres may come and go, but the thunderous noise of a balls-out heavy metal band at full pelt remains a thrill undimmed by the passage of time.

Increasingly lauded as a gloriously fiery live act, Fury UK are students of metal’s old school, and yet there is a sizzling, life-affirming freshness inherent in every second of A Way Of Life that belies the notion that this archetypal power trio are merely saluting a bygone era.

It certainly helps that frontman Chris Appleton is an absolute beast of a guitar player, firing off paint- stripping lead breaks as if his instrument were some grotesque but gleaming vestigial limb.

With an equally adept rhythm section powering him along, his authoritative performances on the Maiden-esque Saviour and epic show-stopper The Remainder mark this out as one of the most exciting British metal albums of recent times.