Funeral For A Friend: Conduit

Post-hardcore stalwarts come back swinging.

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In their 11 years together, Welsh post-hardcore quintet Funeral For A Friend have flirted with the mainstream, but however well-produced, they’ve always had one foot planted firmly in the punk world.

But Conduit finds them sounding tougher and angrier than they have in years, new drummer Pat Lundy spurring them on with a merciless whip on lead single Best Friends And Hospital Beds, while frontman Matt Davies-Kreye has a good old existential rant: ‘How many friends can I lose before it all makes sense?’

It doesn’t get much more cheerful from there, with Death Comes To Us All swinging like a particularly melodic scythe. This is classic, turn-of-the-century-style emo for those old enough to remember the scene before the eyeliner and hairspray brigade came along and spoiled it all for everyone.