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For Today: Wake

Iowan earbusters fall into consolidation mode

It’s heartening to hear a band sound so fresh on their sixth full-length release.

Although it would be easy to fall into a rhythm of going through the motions by this point, For Today still manage, for the most part, to sound relevant. Wake takes elements of Upon A Burning Body, Blessthefall and even Thy Art Is Murder for the destructive battering ram of breakdowns and riffmonstery.

There are levels of raging deathcore in No Truth No Sacrifice, while early Parkway Drive rears its head for Forced Into Fire – it’s a right ol’ menagerie of heaviness. In recent years, the scene has become stagnant, with few bands poking their heads above water in search of pastures new, and it’s unfortunate that at times For Today are dragged back down with them.

Despite the initial refreshing blasts, there are no obvious risks being taken. Yes, the music is high quality but it’s all a bit too safe and wipe-clean. Clean vocals and crushing beatdowns break the monotony, but For Today are still searching for that diamond they’re so close to.