Flight: Flight

Norwegian retro metallers still stuck on the runway

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While it’s important for metal to constantly move forward, fast as a shark, in order to stay alive, there can be value in taking time out to celebrate its former incarnations.

This Norwegian bunch clearly have their heads stuck in their old New Wave Of British Heavy Metal albums, from the music itself to the dusty, straightforward production job.

Tracks like the Saxon-esque As Silence Falls or the Maiden-like instrumental Nightrider (also very reminiscent of Slayer’s Maiden-influenced Crionics) certainly demonstrate that the quartet’s hearts are in the right places and they’re having a great time.

The best retro bands, however, either bring their own unique personalities to the table, or write such great songs that the derivative nature of their music doesn’t matter. Flight sadly achieve neither of these things. They’re decent enough musicians, with some enjoyable riffs, but guitarist Chris’s vocals are rather weak and few of the songs make a lasting impression. It’s great to see bands worshipping the past, but not so much when they may as well be a covers act.