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FATS DOMINO Thrillin’ In Philly!

Roll’n’roll pioneer holds court with entertaining live performance.

When New Orleans music legend Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino disappeared in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, we all feared the worst – which made his reappearance all the sweeter. A rock’n’roll pioneer who influenced everybody from The Beatles to reggae’s Yellowman, Domino scored 35 Top 40 chart hits during the 50s, including five million-sellers.

Thrillin’ In Philly! documents a 1973 concert by the R&B legend, and although Domino was 20 years past his prime, his performances punch as hard as Rocky Balboa. The hits are all here – Blueberry Hill, Ain’t That A Shame, My Blue Heaven – each performed with joyous energy. Among the 22 tracks are a few concealed gems, like the bluesy Goin’ To The River or a raucous cover of Professor Longhair’s Going To Mardi Gras. Domino imbues every song here with the indomitable, unconquered spirit of New Orleans.