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Enslaved / Grand Magus / De Profundis

Voyagers journey between fun and fury

It might be sacrilege to describe a metal band as ‘too loud’ but DE PROFUNDIS’s [6] ongoing jackhammer assault means that the nuances are lost in the fuzz.

Nonetheless, the sinister edge of Illumination is a nice way to end their set. Like a good steak, GRAND MAGUS [8] tick all the boxes: solid, meaty and completely satisfying. JB’s voice is stupendous, especially on Iron Will and a strident Kingslayer, but they save the best for last with Hammer Of The North and a big singalong that continues long after the band leave the stage.

Grutle Kjellson gets some forebodin’ from Odin

Grutle Kjellson gets some forebodin’ from Odin (Image credit: Kevin Nixon)

Injecting their bristling venture into metal’s dark abyss, ENSLAVED [8] have gradually separated themselves from black metal’s traditional leanings to become progressive metal’s most malevolent offering. The combination of Grutle Kjellson’s visceral screams, Herbrand Larsen’s clean-sung elevations and the music’s grandiose, classically inspired dirge makes for a powerful recipe that erupts when they unveil Fusion Of Sense And Earth as Ice Dale cuts a dramatic figure with his guitar held towards the stratosphere.

Death In The Eyes Of Dawn’s unexpected turns dip into even deeper progressive territory while Ethica Odini is a pulverising adventure and Allfoðr Oðinn gallops along, proving as fun as it is apocalyptic.