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Emigrate: Silent So Long

Rammstein man scratches a seven-year itch

Back in 2007, Richard

Now Rammstein are on hiatus, Emigrate’s follow-up heads in a different musical direction. Silent So Long is less about industrial and more about solid US rock, the only exception being the explosive anthem Hypothetical. Recorded in LA, production comes from Ben Grosse, whose previous work with Filter and Depeche Mode really comes across on the album’s 11 tracks. Each is so polished, it positively glistens. The album kicks in with the grinding Eat You Alive before sliding into chameleon-like collaborations with electroclash artist Peaches, the grüffmister himself Lemmy and an audibly unrecognisable Jonathan Davis. You might assume these are the highlights but it’s Emigrate’s full band tracks that shine on here. The whole package fits perfectly with Richard’s smooth vocals that are a world apart from Till Lindemann’s trademark husk, and then there’s the addition of Apocalyptica’s Mikko Siren on drums, who underpins the project’s slick, dark edge. Silent So Long makes clear that Emigrate are a lot more serious than just a side-project.

Via Universal Music