Electric Citizen – Higher Time album review

Ohio’s soulful psych metallers keep Sabbath’s bad dream alive

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When the echo of Black Sabbath’s final note dissipates, their wicked majesty will endure through their recorded output – and through the million or so bands who insist on sounding exactly like them.

Electric Citizen offer a refreshing example of a band who draw from Sabbath’s grimy chord progressions and sense of druggy paranoia and infuse that murky sound with something wild and transfixing — in this case vocalist Laura Dolan, who transcends the trope of the doomy, atonal priestess, instead delivering a vibrantly soulful performance. Stacked with sludgy hooks, lurching tempos and galloping belters like Social Phobia and Evil, the quartet’s sophomore effort conjures a sound that falls somewhere between the bad trip phobia of 70s psych metal and the bluesy punch of The Pretty Reckless. We are in familiar territory here, but there’s a sense of genuine passion and unabashed fun that permeates every track. ****