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Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World album review

Stoner-prog behemoths take us on an epic trip

Cover art for Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World album

Four albums into their career and Elder show no signs of curtailing their sonic and songwriting flights of fantasy. If anything, the tunes are getting longer and more satisfyingly complex.

With the addition of pedal steel and mellotron, the immensity of the compositions on 2015’s predecessor Lore are exceeded seemingly without effort – Sanctuary, The Falling Veil and Staving Off Truth clock in at over 32 minutes alone.

The real beast, however, is the layered elemental juggernaut that is Blind, before the surging stoner, doom and psych maelstrom abates for the mellower interlude Sonntag, leading into cosmic closer Thousand Hands.

A real trip from start to finish, this is the product of a band unfettered by anything other than their own imaginations.