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Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket: In A Dutch Haze

Stoned, immaculate and utterly without limits

Recorded live at Roadburn in 2012, In A Dutch Haze captures the magic that exploded amid the sweet, green fog as Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis and his Heavy Blanket counterpart Graham Clise joined forces with Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eginton, rhythm section with mighty stoner jam fiends Earthless.

The results, as you can probably imagine if you’re not too far down the marijuana rabbit hole, are freewheeling and psychedelic, as this eight-legged dream machine indulged their wildest freeform fantasies over the course of 59 mind-altering minutes. Mascis has long been entrenched in this world, of course, and it was his solos that made Dinosaur Jr such an invigoratingly ragged antidote to the grunge dullards that followed in their languid wake. But here the legendary bong soldier is on unusually blistering form, buoyed by the Earthless guys’ rock solid foundations and unemcumbered by any need to bother with melodies or repeated refrains. Instead, this just soars from one beatific and brash crescendo to the next, all underpinned by an unstoppable groove that ebbs, flows and practically rolls your joints for you.

Via Outer Battery/Roadburn