DVD Review: Robert Mugge: Rhythm ’N’ Bayous – A Road Map To Louisiana Music

A stunning, performance-filled ethnomusicological trip.

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If you have any interest at all in the musical history of the Pelican State, or in the American south in general, do yourself a favour and pick up this feast for the eyes and ears. Originally released in 2000, this stunning documentary grew out of filmmaker Mugge’s coverage of a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame bus tour through New Orleans and southwest Louisiana.

But, to paraphrase Spinal Tap’s Marty DiBergi, he got more than that, a lot more. Studded with illuminating interviews and live performances by artists big and small, this fascinating road trip offers eye-opening insight into Louisiana as a multicultural crucible for blues, country, gospel, Cajun and creole music. Entertaining, informative and utterly engrossing.